Friday, August 30, 2013

Cell Tower To Be Disguised As A Water Tank in California

The residents near Bodega Avenue, California are excited to hear that a 60-foot cell phone tower will be going up in order to improve cell phone service in that area. This Verizon cell tower is going to be disguised as a water tower so that it blends in with the town’s aesthetics.

“That lot is zoned for commercial, but I don’t want to see a bunch of development go in there,” said Dave Tarca, who owns the property where the tower is being built. “I’ve had offers from San Francisco developers — outsiders who wanted to put strip malls in there. But I have no interest in that. I feel it would just ruin the aesthetics of the area. But a cell tower helps reception for the area’s increasing traffic and the water tower design makes it fit in with the look of the area. It’s a way to keep that site the way it is.” (Source: Petaluma 360)

Even though most of the shop owners are excited for this upgrade in cell phone services, not all of the residents are as thrilled.

“I just bought my home two years ago,” said next-door neighbor Steve Allen, whose property lies just west of the tower. “I have Verizon and I know my service will be better — I admit that it’s awful now — but I’m not thrilled about living right next to this thing. I feel it will decrease the value of my property.” (Source: Petaluma 360)


  1. When you sell you had better disclose you live next to a strong 24/7 source of pulsed microwave radiation or you could be sued for hiding the facts. It will definitely decrease the value of your property. In third world countries, all the cell towers are built throughout poorer neighborhoods while the wealthy a few miles away won't have them.

  2. Definitely "inside" news. Any intelligent neighbor in their right mind would be frantic and distraught that one of these ugly, massive, disease producing cell towers was being installed by their home, neighborhood, workplace, or recreational areas. I feel quite fortunate when there is poor cell phone reception because I feel better - no headaches, achy neck, pressure in the eyes, or ringing in the ears. These tower companies know that pulse modulated microwave communication signals create disease in humans and animals and negatively impact the environment. The towers are an attack on everyone within miles of placement. No fat-cat telecommunication executives have these things by their residences and probably make sure that the signals are pointed well away from them.