Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Did Lake County, Wisconsin Officials Lose Local Control of Cell Towers?

Some of the local officials in Lake County are worried that a new state law may have stripped them of their ability to regulate the location of cell phone towers.

"I have checked with our attorney and the town's association, and the way it looks is that we have been left with no power to regulate cell towers," said Village of Merton Clerk/Administrator Tom Nelson. (Source: Living Lake County)

Due to this new state law, Lake County officials might have to approve a proposed cell tower on the Merton School District property that many members of the community have opposed. "The law does not allow communities to put moratoriums on cell towers. It doesn't allow communities to designate where they can be located. It doesn't allow cell towers to be denied because of aesthetics,” Genesee Town Charwoman, Sahron Leair, said. (Source: Living Lake County)

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